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Willow-Witt Ranch is located on 440 acres in Southern Oregon's high country. In this magical hidden valley the emphasis is on wild beauty, land preservation, alternative energy production, and sustainable agriculture. Since 1985, the Willow-Witt Family has been producing some of the highest quality, locally grown meat and dairy products available.

Get Market Day Notifications. Become a farm fan and we'll let you know what we'll have at the market. Sign up!We are proud to provide the local community with organically-fed, pasture-raised Berkshire pigs, Alpine goats for milk and backpacking, chickens for meat and eggs, and a wide variety of cold-hardy vegetables. All our products are available all year!

fresh raw organic goat milkYour adventure begins here! In addition to being a working farm and ranch, we also provide farm stay opportunities including the Farmhouse Studio, the Meadow House, our Rustic Wall Tents, or the forested campground with tent sites nestled among the trees. Our friendly animals and livestock guardian dogs will bring a smile to your face. This working farm uses Maremma livestock guardian dogs.  No dogs or pets are allowed.

Looking for a unique day retreat location? Our Meadow House can also be rented as a secluded day retreat center for your event.

We enjoy hosting open barn days and offer tours of the ranch, birding on-farm with local guides, dining with local food and wine enthusiasts right in our pastures, and hiking with pack goats to take in spectacular views.

Willow-Witt Ranch in the News!
Sunset Magazine

Local's guide to Southern Oregon wine country

Meet the undiscovered wine country of your dreams

The following excerpt is from a September 2015 Sunset Magazine article by Rachel Levin.

Willow-Witt Ranch. For our money, the most beautiful spot to stay in Southern Oregon is a 445-acre off-the-grid farm in the mountains east of Ashland. It has four canvas tents with comfy beds tucked in the trees amid the changing foliage; gardens full of leafy greens; goats, pigs, and chickens—and a lantern-lit outdoor kitchen for cooking up all the ingredients you collect. Ideally before darkness falls and the stars come out. Zillions of them. Tents from $125; 12 campsites, $40; 1 studio, $200; 3-bedroom farmhouse looking out on a 100-acre meadow, from $250; willowwittranch.com.

locally raised meat, eggs and dairy products
Willow-Witt Ranch
658 Shale City Road
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 890-1998
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Willow-Witt Ranch produces high quality, locally-grown meat and dairy products
for our community while providing opportunities to experience sustainable agriculture
in the unique environment of Southern Oregon's wild high country.